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Colourful eyelashes in the lead role

Strongly and clearly underlined eyes can intrigue and attract attention like nothing else. An interesting and bold way to display them are colourful eyelashes that will completely change our make-up.


The Secret Lashes offer includes Colourful eyelashes, thanks to which we will create a unique and fanciful look for a special occasion. The availability of a wide range of colours will allow us to create many interesting stylizations.


An interesting solution is the application of classic black eyelashes, and the addition of several colourful tufts at the corner of the eye. More courageous admirers of strongly accentuated eyes can opt for a colourful total look. By choosing a colour that contrasts with our iris, we will additionally emphasize the natural beauty of our eyes.

Slightly more subtle eyelashes are the ombre ones. Although this effect is well known especially in hairdressing salons, in a slightly different edition, it can also decorate our eyes. Two-tone eyelashes with colourful tips will refresh every, even the most classic look, without depriving it of delicacy and elegance.


Considering one of the colourful solutions, it is worth deciding what final effect we want to achieve. If we care for a slight diversification only, ombre eyelashes will be an ideal solution. If we dream about a more courageous, distinctive look, it is worth taking a risk and choosing a fully Colourful stylization.


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